Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hello There Expert of Me

Today I read in Facebook post the true report of how more nonverbal boy is able to talk with his hand using iPad.  I love this because  number 1:. More nonverbal people can let their God given voices be heard. Mom says it, laugh,  doesn't matter how you Talk. Just mentionably talk. I say unvoiced people have different ways than people  for speech works. I believe if autistic persons or people with autism whichever prefer ,are to be studied like human beings the experts studying us need language and some manners teaching first.  I read how the expert from Atlanta described autistic people not able to ask personal questions and not being somehow rewarded like pavlovian dogs for speech. I perhaps should comment I read a number of books,  yes I know who skinner was and pavlovs dogs. However, my interest in reciting this is to say that the expert obviously was not concerned that he or she accurate. If perhaps truth was the goal, the expert would speak to the subject in  the person's language of most comfort. it might be the expert learn a few things.
That language may be typing. I type with slight assistance from my mom and dad and Jackie and now i am teaching paula. I say assistance as the synonym for support. I am the one typing. I am the person with the thought. If you took a person who needed help walking would you question whose feet were moving?  I am not insulted if I am singled out in a room for being too verbally loud. But I am furious when a so called expert makes a blanket statement that influences potential people I have never met with more negatives
In conclusion I believe a field trip to Atlanta may be coming to see this expert. I am interested in how  we might get along. I do have a personal question,if I may.... have you any watches that do not come with a sweeping second hand?