Thursday, January 30, 2014

Shut down

I have  not written a blog posting in a few months. I have been been doing many eventful things.  My brother got married and also a moved all his belongings out of our house that I know as my safe home. I am as happy for him as I can find myself although as autistic can take a while to see my house safe the same way.  Maybe I should explain.  I have a picture brain that is made just like a camera. I see in a picture and then it stays.  I don't change the picture . If I am forced to it hurts me for a while.  Time will help and I do have joy for him.

When I couldn't talk with my hand people thought i didn't understand anything, even what they said right infront of me.  I always did.

Please read my friend Kitt's blog
  She wrote the best post I have ever read.

I will write again soon,
Love, Emma