Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Me Day Today

Today is a new day.
can I say I am so Lucky to have a most wonderful
mom and teacher.  We just talked with our mouths and had
a conversation that will help in my life.  Update on bees:  50% overall,
can I say laugh, right now 100% as I am so stressed.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

MeNew woRLD

I am a member of
a group of people
who are labeled. Me
hate labels because I
am a member of autism
group and it has endless
conditional symptoms
I accept words
 by their defininition.
I am a word girl . I will
accept a definition even
if it does not apply to
I am not experienced
enough in life to be
able to negate bad
So I am now going to
call me a new woman
of many complexities.
I am a girl who can not
yet speak fluently by
mouth. I have bees in
my ears. I have one
leg shorter  than the
other and it hurts all
the time. can I say I
am sometimes too angry.
But I actually like  me life
a lot. more than I did 2 years
ago because I have
friends and family who I  Love
and who Love me.