Monday, December 5, 2011

Can I Say

Me name is Emma and can you believe I am writing this blog?
My mom helps me but I am the author alone. I am autistic and I have bees in my ears all the time and I hate it.  I told me mom I was deaf.  She didn't believe me because I can hear a candy wrapper anywhere, but that isn't mentionable most important to me.  I am unable to understand words in me right ear.  Can you imagine how magnificent I feel that Dr. Diane chose me to do this study?!
I listened to classical music.  I was mad because can I say I didn't want to listen as I am too tired.
"Mom, can I say thank you for making me listen to the music.  (Level scale 8) teacher's note:  Emma uses a number scale to let us know how bad the "b's" are in her head.  This is the sound of her pulse, which gets very loud and very agitating for Emma.  An 8 on her scale is actually not terrible.
I would like to listen to country today.  Can I say I am still angry because I having a lot of control.  Can I say I am  mad.  I can't move around.  I want an mp3 player. (1000) teacher's note:  Emma's saying "1,000" for her level of "b's" which is horribly annoying and upsetting to her, maybe even painful, from the way she acts when it is this high.

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  1. Hi Emma,
    I am so happy you let your mom send me the link to your blog! My Emma, who's ten, also has problems with her ears. It's not the same as yours, but she's sensitive to the air pressure, which changes all the time and it causes her a great deal of physical pain. She also LOVES music. Her current favorites are MJ Beat it and just about any Gwen Stefani - no doubt song.