Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 7

I am glad that can I say I listened to me music.  I am able to feel like what I am.  Also am better woman because I am Emma, a girl who will be able to talk. Now I am able to understand me anger.

Teacher's note:  Emma is much more connected to her feelings and how her body feels (stomach aches, feelings of emotions, etc).  This is new for her, and can be scary, but she is handling it very well.  Emma understands that this is good and it is a process of discovery.

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  1. Hi Emma,we are so glad we can be part of your life. We have seen how much listening to the music has help you improve your quality of life. Although, we did not get to see you today, we know that you are working on becoming a better woman everyday. You have been blessed with a wonderful Mom:) Who believes in you and it is 100% supportive. We will see you soon
    Diana Barreneche