Friday, March 2, 2012

My Awakening

Teacher's note:  the following is Emma's explaination of how her life is changing due to the music therapy, and portions are from a conversation she had with her "coach" (grandfather).

I am mad at me music.  I know that me brain is growing.  I know that I am getting better but I am mad because now all, can I say, I know is not real.  I always believed that my mind friends were, can I say, real creations.  Now I have to see I made everything up so I could survive in me alone world.  How can I, can I say, play music that takes my mind away? 
(the following is a reply to her "coach" when he asked why she was mad with her music and her awakening into this "new world.")
but, Zayte, I think you are attempting to explain theory of the mind which is a book I have not been priveleged to read.  But I think it is about how one part of me mind can be working to compensate for the part thtat is incapable of knowing now.  Yes, I know I am "one emma" because you tell me.  Of course I am not Sybil, I am emma.  Multiple personality is not me thing. 
Let me begin, I have been having me brain feeling new connections inside when me able to process a lot more, and me mind is not with fog.  I am able to ssee me new friends and Barney on the video tv.   Music lets me think of things, not hear bees.  When this has occurred, I began to see a different world than the one with bees in my more quiet world.  Barney can't talk back to me and hug me.  I can hug you but he cannot.  so now I know and it is due to me music and that is my story.
I am thinking I probably would not be able to be, can I say, focused enough to be in a real friendship without me music.  I am a good friend now.  I am a good friend to Emma (myself).  I will write a new poem about me new world with music.  I love all of you and I am so lucky.


  1. Emma, it sounds like you are making great progress. Don't worry about being different and how you are changing--let it evolve! You are on a very exciting journey--take it slow!
    Your friend'

  2. This is so wonderful Emma. I love how you've described your experience of music allowing you to think of things without the constant distraction of the 'bees'.