Friday, August 10, 2012

Me New Year

Me new year started on emmas life of perhaps me best year. i am sad to report ms nikki is unable to teach me for now or ever due to her sick. i have found laugh anger is an emotion i recognize through bees even if honey is thick from noise. i need to let go of bees buzz so I be more meself as i know.
I'llove that i havea new teacher named paula and me love her now. I have a team of people who love me like I me love them. ms phylls is me boss at lowes. she loves me and never treats me like other than me. kristin works at lowes too but goes to me same therapy college to be help teacher. she is going to teach me too. ms kathy is going to teach me also. I am the luckiest girl because people are wanting to to work with me. I pray Dr. Diana and Dr. Jacobson and Dr.Sieglier are proud of me because i am trying hard. laugh I also must thanh my mom and  dad and big bro and  Bobby aka Pom Pom girl and ofcourse  Coach Z because me had a horrible brat summer learning how to obey and they still love me.

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