Saturday, February 23, 2013

Autistic people should feel loved

Today is my birthday. I am now officially  a new adult woman. In my opinion autistic people should feel loved like I do now. I didn't always feel this way. I am weeping inside for how I have allowed perhaps my lack of verbal speech to run my days with fear. I accept myself with love however I communicate. I perhaps may speak more with patience and time. I may not. My brother nick loves me. My temple loves me my student that I tutor loves me. My friends at school love me. My lowes workers love me.  My family of mom and dad love me. Coach and Pom Pom love. Mom and my dad love me. On whole...I am the luckiest girl . Excuse me adult I know. In conclusion, autistic people should feel loved.


  1. Dear Emma, please add my name to the list of those who LOVE YOU, please tell Mom and Dad and Nick that I love them too. Thanks, Heidi

    ps. Esther LOVES YOU too.

  2. Emma! I love you. And I love your post!

  3. Happy Birthday Emma!
    I love you too!

  4. Your dental hygienist loves you, too! Welcome to womanhood!

  5. I am so sorry that I missed your birthday! Hope it was a happy one...and I hope that you know that I have always loved you! <3