Thursday, January 30, 2014

Shut down

I have  not written a blog posting in a few months. I have been been doing many eventful things.  My brother got married and also a moved all his belongings out of our house that I know as my safe home. I am as happy for him as I can find myself although as autistic can take a while to see my house safe the same way.  Maybe I should explain.  I have a picture brain that is made just like a camera. I see in a picture and then it stays.  I don't change the picture . If I am forced to it hurts me for a while.  Time will help and I do have joy for him.

When I couldn't talk with my hand people thought i didn't understand anything, even what they said right infront of me.  I always did.

Please read my friend Kitt's blog
  She wrote the best post I have ever read.

I will write again soon,
Love, Emma


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings, Emma. Bennett and I miss seeing you.

  2. Hi Emma, I really 'like the way you see life, your writing is such an eye opener, and makes me smile.
    Ingrid, UK

  3. Emma, it is good to have you writing, again. You rock!

  4. Emma, thank you for the shout out :)

    As usual, your post has offered me insight and a new perspective. Thank you for posting. I hope your brother moving gets easier for you. I'm happy for your family. Take care of yourself and conserve spoons if you have to <3

    - Kitt