Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Am An American and I Voted Today.

I am so proud. I voted.  Twice.....ha ha.  Actually, I use assistive communication to communicate, as you know.  I just couldn't get those pen marks in the circle.  I was given a second ballot and my first one was folded and put into a sealed envelope for discard.  I used a computer.  This computer made perfect markings in my choices.  Mom said she was jealous of how the ovals looked on my ballot.

For some in our Country, voting is taken for granted.  It may even be looked at with humor.  Not for me.  When I was told about guardianship and the issues  surrounding my legal standing, I told the lawyer I insisted on voting. She was just as determined representing me.

I believe that as citizens, all of us need the voting booth to in the most important manner,  be our draft, our service to our Country.  We, in fact, must remember that those elected send our cousins and big brothers and new sisters in laws and friends named Terry and countless others in harms way. We must be the guardians of those who guard us.

So, it has been a special day. A long day that I may have been too distracted feeling proud to finish my math homework.  I am disabled. I am autistic, a young woman with many complexities.  I did vote proudly. 

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  1. Congratulations. Everyone who is willing to vote, and can make their choices known, should have the chance. You are like a pioneer, forging the way for others to be brave and follow their dreams too!