Sunday, March 20, 2016

A poem about change.

I am just watching the flag wave,
Silently, I stand and wait
I love the wind, the fluttering fabric winks at me.
As it twirls around the pole, my breath stops.
Don't      Don't.    I must free the flag from it's hold.  A straitjacket wrapped tightly around it's holder.
Don't Don't Don't, the flag must stay on the wall.   NO NO.  
I was not going to hurt you.  I would not hit you.  Autism doesn't mean that I am a danger.
I just love how the flag waves at me.  It waves everyday, whether you do or not.  It assumes the welcome I crave and the good bye I see.  Even when you don't.
I would have done you no harm. Not to you or the flag.
I am sorry.  I will still watch the flag.  Now, you must take care of it yourself.  I understand.

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