Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dear Friend in Gym Today

dear my friend in gym today,
hi, my  name  is Emma . i know you didn't see me and mom around the corner getting changed.
we swam in class together. i was happy, laugh, because i love my new yellow bathing suit. mom has laugh, green one. my coach knows my issues on that front. perhaps i bothered you today in pool.
or maybe you just know very little about aspergers or autism. i will help you now.
in your defense many others are like you. perhaps you think people like me are mental like you said. not true. in your defense i know i often look odd laughing or dancing in swimming. i love water.
or maybe you think i behave inappropriately for people. in your defense i try to focus my body on maintaining my senses .in my defense your mean comments are not anything i would say.i laugh  cant by mouth any way. but mom tells me not to ever say means things. please learn about my disorder. that boy who shot his mom and those poor other people was sick in the head in a way mom says  we can't understand.
i will say hello to you next class. Emma


  1. Emma whenever I read your posts I cry. (In a good way, happy tears) because you make me so very happy. I love reading your words. I love that you have a yellow bathing suit that makes you laugh. My Emma laughs because she loves her pink bathing suit. Bathing suits never made me feel so happy, but now they do. Thank you for helping me see the joy in bathing suits!
    And Emma you are a good, kind person. That you would even thing to say hello to someone who said something mean to you is just one tiny example of that. I'm going to take your example and say hello to someone who looks mean today. So thank you for that too. You make me so happy Emma!

  2. Love you, Emma. Come visit me and Bennett again. We miss you.

  3. we love u Emma, you are amazing, the van Schuppen family