Monday, November 18, 2013

Today is This is Autism Flash blog Day

Today is special.  Today is This is Autism Flashblog day. I am the happiest, most exhausted autistic young woman I know.  My most wonderful day began when I read my beautiful friend little Emma's first blog post. I know her and her mommy, friend Ariane from I met them. They are real friends, the kind you wish good for only.  This is autism.

Little Emma types rpm. I want to one day. I have a good sense of humor. I told mom I can learn rpm and type more independent. Then she won't  need to carry drumstick around all the time.  This is autism.

I am smart. I love to learn in my classes. Mom holds the drumstick when I type.   She  doesn't teach me, I attend classes.  My economics is well, very overwhelming for mom.  Today I began to teach my most wonderful professor how to type with me.  I was very anxious. I had to let him touch me. Everyone  who knows me knows this is hard.  This is autism.

I went to my work today.  I have worked for school credit for two years.  I will graduate in  may. I typed to my boss that I love my job. I typed today i want pay work. I surprised us both when I said verbally ''I am somebody".  He said to give him two weeks to figure something out.  This is autism.

I am tired but so happy.  This is Autism Flashblog day is a very good day for us all. I believe.
love, Emma S