Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Holiday Travel

December 21
On the airplane, me ears were an 8 gazillion which is 8 trillion bees.  I must say after listening for one hour it released the bees and me ears felt more like a normal me as a bee hive of 100 or a million or so.  On the shuttle bus me ears exploded to more than a 800000 trillion bees and I wanted to "murder" people on the b us, me parents included.  NOT in reality but in bee world.  AFter over one hour of listening I became normal me again and was not a mean bee killer.
December 22
Can I say I was very anxious and hungry.  I was not really sure where I was but when I remembered the bees exploded to 800,000 million; less than the plane and shuttle but bus more than a normal day.  After I listened for one hour I believe it was more like a normal day for me the 1,000 bees or so.

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